What are Properties? Properties

Property ID Expected Type Description

This type doesn't have any properties

Year first lit /architecture/lighthouse/year_first_lit /type/datetime never_assert

Year that the lighthouse's lantern was first lit (Considered for historical reference versus the year the lantern assembly was Automated)

Automated date /architecture/lighthouse/automated /type/datetime never_assert

Date or Year that the lighthouse lantern was automated with a modern strobe light assembly.

Out of service date /architecture/lighthouse/out_of_service_date /type/datetime never_assert

Date the Lighthouse became non-operational and was classified as out of service. This is a useful property for those lighthouses that are still standing historic structures but no longer emit a light beam.

NGA number /architecture/lighthouse/nga_number /type/enumeration never_assert, /authority/us/gov/nga/listoflights

The ID number of this lighthouse in the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's "List of Lights" publications. Include the three-digit publication number. (E.g. 110-7188)

ARLHS number /architecture/lighthouse/arlhs_number /type/enumeration never_assert, /authority/arlhs/wlol

Begins with 3 char alpha country prefix (AUS) followed by a number suffix (210) - Example: AUS210. Note that the id is sometimes shown with a dash between the prefix and suffix; please omit the dash. (The weblinks will not work with a dash character for this id.)

Admiralty number /architecture/lighthouse/admiralty_number /type/enumeration never_assert, /authority/uk/gov/ukho/list_of_lights

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office's assigned Admiralty number (Paper publication not Digital) for the lighthouse. Example: K1996 or G1676

LLNR /architecture/lighthouse/llnr /type/enumeration never_assert, /authority/us/gov/uscg/llnr

The number assigned by the US Coast Guard in its annual Light List publication. Format should be 1-234 (where "1" is the volume number) to ensure uniqueness.

Construction /architecture/lighthouse/construction /architecture/lighthouse_construction_material

The construction material used for the structure of this lighthouse.

Tower shape /architecture/lighthouse/tower_shape /architecture/tower_shape

The general shape or form used in the lighthouses' tower design (Pyramidal, Conical, etc)

Light attributes /architecture/lighthouse/light_attributes /architecture/light_attributes mediator

Links to compound value that holds the Light characteristic type, sequence duration, and any remarks

master, unique, disambiguating
Light sequence /architecture/lighthouse/light_sequence /architecture/light_sequence mediator

Links to compound value that holds the lighthouses' flash sequence in seconds, and the eclipse seconds (dark seconds).

Light color range /architecture/lighthouse/light_color_range /architecture/light_color_range mediator

Links to compound value that holds Light color(s) and range(s).

master, disambiguating
Focal height of light /architecture/lighthouse/focal_height_of_light /type/float never_assert m

Height of the light above mean sea-level expressed in meters (it's Focal Height). For the height of the structure itself, please use the /structure type's height property.

Intensity /architecture/lighthouse/intensity /type/float never_assert cd

Some lighthouses (older) may have an intensity calculated in Candela units. This is different from Range which can be entered in the Light Color Range property

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Lighthouse construction material
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Tower shape
Lighthouse having shape
Light attributes
Lighthouse having attributes
Light color range
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