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Four-wheel drive

Four-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, AWD, 4WD, or 4×4 is a four-wheeled vehicle...

Front-wheel drive

Front-wheel drive is a form of engine/transmission layout used in motor...

Rear-wheel drive

후륜구동은 엔진에서 뒷바퀴로 동력을 전달하는 방식이다. 주로 엔진을 앞에 배치하여 뒷바퀴를 굴리는 방식인 FR 방식이 이용되지만, 엔진 설치...

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What are Properties? Properties

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Trim Levels Available /automotive/driveline/trim_levels /automotive/trim_level reverse
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What are Included Types? Included Types

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