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IATA airline designator /aviation/airline/iata_airline_designator /type/rawstring never_assert

IATA airline designators, sometimes called IATA reservation codes, are two-character codes assigned by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to the world's airlines in accordance with the provisions of Resolution 762. They form the first two characters of the flight number. Airline designator codes follow the format xx(a), i.e., two alphanumeric characters (letters or digits) followed by an optional letter. Note there can be duplicate codes issued to regional airlines where there is no known overlap (AKA controlled duplicates).

ICAO Airline designator /aviation/airline/icao_airline_designator /type/rawstring never_assert

The ICAO airline designator is a code assigned by the International Civil Aviation Organization to aircraft operating agencies, aeronautical authorities and services. The codes are unique by airline which is not true for the IATA airline designator codes.

Callsign /aviation/airline/callsign /type/text never_assert
Frequent flyer program /aviation/airline/frequent_flyer_program /type/text never_assert
Airports Served /aviation/airline/airports_served /aviation/airline_airport_presence mediator reverse
Fleet size /aviation/airline/fleet_size /type/int never_assert
Number of destinations /aviation/airline/number_of_destinations /type/int never_assert
Hubs /aviation/airline/hubs /aviation/airport reverse
Focus cities /aviation/airline/focus_cities /aviation/airport reverse
Alliance /aviation/airline/alliance /aviation/airline_alliance reverse
Accidents /aviation/airline/accidents /aviation/airliner_accident reverse
IATA designator /aviation/airline/IATA_designator /aviation/iata_airline_designator deprecated

DEPRECATED. Use /aviation/airline/iata_airline_designator instead.

deprecated, master, hidden
ICAO designator /aviation/airline/ICAO_designator /aviation/icao_airline_designator deprecated

DEPRECATED. Use /aviation/airline/icao_airline_designator instead.

deprecated, master, hidden
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Airline alliance
Member airlines
Hub for
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Aviation incident
IATA airline designator
ICAO airline designator
Airline Airport Presence