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Property ID Expected Type Description

This type doesn't have any properties

Year /award/award_honor/year /type/datetime never_assert

Follow the convention used by the award. Usually either the year of eligibility or the year presented.

unique, disambiguating
Award category /award/award_honor/award /award/award_category

The category of the award won (e.g. "Academy Award for Best Picture"). This should not be used for the overall group of awards (e.g. "Academy Award"), unless the award has no categories (such as the Pritzker Prize).

master, unique, disambiguating
Award winner /award/award_honor/award_winner /award/award_winner

The person or organization who received the award.

master, disambiguating
Winning work /award/award_honor/honored_for /award/award_winning_work

The work (book, film, product, etc.) that the award is for. This should only be used for actual created works; do not enter fields, disciplines, or general descriptions here.

master, disambiguating
Ceremony /award/award_honor/ceremony /award/award_ceremony

The ceremony or event at which this award was presented (if any). Select a specific occurrence of an event rather than the topic that represents a whole series of events (e.g. "2010 Cannes Film Festival" instead of "Cannes Film Festival").

master, unique, disambiguating
Achievement level /award/award_honor/achievement_level /award/award_achievement_level

If this category has multiple levels of achievement (such as "gold", "silver" and "bronze"), enter that here. Note that this designation should be particular to the award (e.g. "Clio Gold") rather than general ("Gold").

reverse, unique, disambiguating
Notes/Description /award/award_honor/notes_description /type/text never_assert

Enter notes such as "posthumous" or the official description of the reason for the honor.

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Award category
Award Winner
Awards Won
Award-Winning Work
Awards Won
Award ceremony
Awards presented
Award achievement level