What are Properties? Properties

Property ID Expected Type Description

This type doesn't have any properties

Item /award/ranking/item /award/ranked_item

The name of the item being ranked. An item can be just about anything, including a person. For ties, please create two separate instances. If two or more items share a ranking, please list both in the same instance using the + button to add additional rows.

reverse, disambiguating
List /award/ranking/list /award/ranked_list

The name of the list this item appears in.

reverse, unique, disambiguating
Rank /award/ranking/rank /type/int never_assert

An integer value.

unique, disambiguating
Year /award/ranking/year /type/datetime never_assert

For recurring lists, the year of this ranking. For one-time lists, this value is not necessary (use the date value on the Ranked List type itself, instead).

unique, disambiguating
Note /award/ranking/note /type/text never_assert

Any additional information about this ranking.

unique, disambiguating
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What are Included Types? Included Types

This type doesn't have any included types.

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Incoming Properties

Originating Type Property
Ranked list
Ranked list items
Ranked item
Appears in ranked lists