What are Properties? Properties

Property ID Expected Type Description

This type doesn't have any properties

Party /base/braziliangovt/politician/party /government/political_party_tenure mediator

The political party or parties this person has been a member of, if any.

Represented State /base/braziliangovt/politician/represented_state /base/braziliangovt/state master
Email /base/braziliangovt/politician/email /type/rawstring never_assert

the email address to contact this person

Gender /base/braziliangovt/politician/gender /people/gender enumerated

If the politician was born a male or female.

delegated, unique
Birth Date /base/braziliangovt/politician/birth_date /type/datetime never_assert delegated, unique
Place of Birth /base/braziliangovt/politician/place_of_birth /location/location delegated, unique
Phone contact /base/braziliangovt/politician/phone_contact /common/phone_number mediator

a number where you can reach this person or his/her office.

Quotations /base/braziliangovt/politician/quotations /media_common/quotation delegated
Employment History /base/braziliangovt/politician/employment_history /business/employment_tenure mediator

The positions held by this politician and the period of each one.

Votes /base/braziliangovt/politician/votes /base/braziliangovt/brazilian_governmental_vote mediator

Which positions this person held against issues that had public polling. (yes/no to which proposition).

Articles (Criticism/Bad) /base/braziliangovt/politician/criticism_articles /common/webpage deprecated, mediator

Link to an article related with this person that is either a criticism, a report of bad things done by this person or overall bad publicity for this person.

Articles (Pro/Good) /base/braziliangovt/politician/good_articles /common/webpage deprecated, mediator

Link to an article that puts this person in a favorable light or is about good acomplishments of this person.

Video References /base/braziliangovt/politician/video_references /common/webpage deprecated, mediator

Video clips containing or related to this person.

Audio References /base/braziliangovt/politician/audio_references /common/webpage deprecated, mediator

The URL of a media file or website containing one specific audio. Usually a speak or presentation from this person.

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What are Included Types? Included Types

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Political party
National President