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This type doesn't have any properties

Edition /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/edition /type/int never_assert

Example: The 2009 Tour de France is the 96th edition of the race.

Winner of the race /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/winner /base/peleton/cyclist

The rider who has been designated the winner of the race (rarely, this can be decided a year or so later when drug/doping controversies occur with the winning rider)

master, unique, disambiguating
Winning time /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/winning_time /type/float never_assert s

Total elapsed racing time (of the winning rider) at end of the race

Road Cycling Race this is an event of /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/road_cycling_race_this_is_an_event_of /base/peleton/road_bicycling_race

The actual race this event is a cyclical occurance of...

reverse, unique, disambiguating
Previous race occurance /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/previous_race_occurance /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event

The previous road cycling racing event that occured of this race.

master, unique
Next race occurance /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/next_race /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event

The next occurance of this race event

reverse, unique
Single Day Race's terrain profile /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/race_s_terrain_profile /base/peleton/road_race_profile_type enumerated

If a one day race, declare what kind of road race profile it has.

Start location /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/start_location /location/location

Where race starts

Finish location /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/finish_location /location/location

Where the race finishes at

On Route /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/route_notable_location_on_race_route /location/location

To help map this race, what notable location did this race pass through or by.

Total distance raced /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/total_distance_raced /type/float never_assert km unique
Total average racing speed /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/total_average_racing_speed /type/float never_assert km/h unique
Race finish type /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/road_bicycle_race_finish_type /base/peleton/road_bicycle_race_finish_type enumerated

NOTE: Single day event only. What type of finish designed by the roace organizers for this event.

Race finish event(s) /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/race_finish_event_s /base/peleton/road_cycling_race_finish

NOTE: for single day race only. Notable things about the race finish.

Podium placement /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/podium_placement /base/peleton/road_bicycling_racing_podium_placement mediator

The top three placed General Category riders at the end of the race

Points Classification (Sprint) winner /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/points_winner /base/peleton/cyclist

Cyclist that had the highest number of points won at end of race for sprinting stages and locations

master, unique
Mountain Classification winner /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/king_of_the_mountain_winner /base/peleton/cyclist

MC/King of the Mountains is the cyclist who won the most points at the designated KOM stages/locations

master, unique
Best Young Rider winner /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/best_young_rider_winner /base/peleton/cyclist

Cyclist leads the General Classification under a certain age during the run of the race (age cutoff is determined by race, range is 23 to 26 years of age)

master, unique
Combination Classification winner /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/combination_classification_winner /base/peleton/cyclist

NOTE: Not all races have this competition. Cyclist who is the leader of the combination of the overall, points and mountain classifications (not all stage races have this category)

master, unique
Intermediate sprint points winner /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/intermediate_sprint_points_winner /base/peleton/cyclist

NOTE: not all races have this competition. Cyclist who won the competition for Intermediate Sprint Points during the race.

master, unique
Team Competition winner /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/team_competion_winner /base/peleton/cycling_team_professional

Team with the highest placed riders overall in the General Classification at the end of the race

master, unique
Teams participating (UCI ProTour) /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/teams_participating_uci_protour /base/peleton/cycling_team_professional

The list of UCI ProTour road bicycling race teams invited to participate in this racing event

Wildcard Teams participating /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/wildcard_teams_participating /base/peleton/cycling_team_professional

UCI Professional Continental Teams that have been invited to participate in this racing event

Crash(es) /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/crash_es /base/peleton/road_bicycling_race_crash mediator

NOTE: for single day race events (go to stage race for those crashes). The highly spectacular and sometimes career affecting crashes of cyclists while racing

Race Abandonments /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/race_abandonments /base/peleton/road_bicycle_race_abandonment

Cyclists who for one reaso or another are forced to cease competition during the race event

Stages held /base/peleton/road_bicycle_racing_event/stages_held /base/peleton/road_race_stage

If this event is a stage race, the individual stages held for this event.

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Road Bicycling Race
Road Bicycling races held
Road Bicycle Racing Event
Previous race occurance
Races won
Road Bicycle Racing Event
Next race occurance
Road Bicycling Racing Podium placement
Road Bicycle Race abandonment
Races Abandoned
Race(s) Won in Mountain Classification
Race(s) Won the Young Rider Classification
Race(s) Won for Points (Sprint) Classification
Cycling Team
Race(s) Won for the Team Competition
Race(s) Won in the Combination Classification
Race(s) Won for Intermediate Sprint Points
Road Race Stage
Stage of this racing event
Cycling Team
Participated in this race event
Cycling Team
Participated as a wildcard invitee in this race event
National Championship jersey holder
Won in race