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Player /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/player /baseball/baseball_player

MLB Baseball player whose lifetime statistics is collected here

master, unique, disambiguating
Starting season /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/starting_season /sports/sports_league_season

The season when the player started his career in MLB

unique, disambiguating
Ending season /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/ending_season /sports/sports_league_season

The season when the player ended his career in MLB

unique, disambiguating
Games /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/games /type/int never_assert

Games played

unique, disambiguating
At Bats /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/at_bats /type/int never_assert

Charged to a batter when he engages in a plate appearance, except for when the batter's appearance results in a base on balls or a sacrifice.

unique, disambiguating
Hits /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/hits /type/int never_assert

When a batter reaches base safely on a hit ball not due to error or fielder's choice.

unique, disambiguating
Runs /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/runs /type/int never_assert

When a runner crosses home plate.

unique, disambiguating
Doubles /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/doubles /type/int never_assert

A two base hit when a player safely reaches second base on a hit.

unique, disambiguating
Triples /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/triples /type/int never_assert

A three base hit.

unique, disambiguating
Home Runs /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/home_runs /type/int never_assert

A four base hit clearing the bases (usually hit out of the park, but also includes in the park home runs).

unique, disambiguating
Grand Slams /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/grand_slams /type/int never_assert

Home runs when bases are loaded

unique, disambiguating
RBIs /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/rbis /type/int never_assert

Runs Batted In

unique, disambiguating
Bases on Balls /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/bases_on_balls /type/int never_assert

Number of times a batter reaches base on a walk.

unique, disambiguating
Intentional Bases on Balls /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/ibbs /type/int never_assert

Number of times intentionally walked by the pitcher.

unique, disambiguating
Strikeouts /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/strikeouts /type/int never_assert

Recorded when there are three strikes against the batter.

unique, disambiguating
Sacrifice Hits /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/sacrifice_hits /type/int never_assert

Credited to a batter who succesfully advances one or more runners by bunting the ball for an out.

unique, disambiguating
Sacrifice Flies /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/sacrifice_flies /type/int never_assert

A hit to the outfield with less than two outs that results in a out, but advances an existing base runner to score.

unique, disambiguating
Hit by Pitch /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/hit_by_pitch /type/int never_assert

Number of times hit by a pitch, and consequently advancing to first base.

unique, disambiguating
Grounded into Double Play /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/gdp /type/int never_assert

Times the player hits a ground ball that is not a base hit that results in two (or three) outs.

unique, disambiguating
Batting Average /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/batting_average /type/float never_assert

The ratio of hits to at bats.

unique, disambiguating
On Base Percentage /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/on_base_percentage /type/float never_assert

A measure of how often a batter reaches base for any reason other than a fielding error, fielder's choice, dropped/uncaught third strike, fielder's obstruction, or catcher's interference.

unique, disambiguating
Slugging Percentage /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/slugging_percentage /type/float never_assert

A measure of power of a hitter. Calculated by total bases divided by at bats.

unique, disambiguating
Last statistics season /baseball/lifetime_batting_statistics/last_statistics_season /sports/sports_league_season

The latest season that the player played the the lifetime statistics reflect

unique, disambiguating
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