What are Properties? Properties

Property ID Expected Type Description

This type doesn't have any properties

Works written /book/author/works_written /book/written_work master
Works edited /book/author/works_edited /book/written_work master
Series Written (or Contributed To) /book/author/series_written_or_contributed_to /book/literary_series reverse
Book editions published /book/author/book_editions_published /book/book_edition

This property is deprecated

deprecated, master, hidden
Contributing author to /book/author/contributing_author_to /book/book_edition

Enter books this author has contributed to, but for which they are not considered the author or editor. Examples include contributions to an anthology, contributed chapters or articles in a reference book, or roles as a sub-editor.

Book editions edited /book/author/book_editions_edited /book/book_edition

Specific book editions this author has edited. This property should NOT include editions of Books for which this person is already the editor. Rather, this property should be used for editions of books that have had additional editing done that is not in other editions of this book, such as an annotated or critical edition. If there are multiple versions (such as hardcover and paperback) of such an edition, all should be listed in this property.

School or Movement /book/author/school_or_movement /book/school_or_movement reverse
Open Library ID /book/author/openlibrary_id /type/enumeration never_assert, /authority/openlibrary/author

The Open Library ID

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What are Included Types? Included Types

This type doesn't have any included types.

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Literary School Or Movement
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Literary Series
Written Work
Written Work