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This type doesn't have any properties

Editions /book/book/editions /book/book_edition

Enter specific editions of this book here. Please bear in mind that an edition is not the same as the book itself, so be careful if you select an option from the auto-complete menu.

Genre /book/book/genre /media_common/literary_genre

Genre, as opposed to subject, refers to the content or mode of writing. Books can have multiple genres.

Characters /book/book/characters /book/book_character

For works of fiction. Enter the names of characters here. These will automatically be cotyped as "fictional character".

Interior illustrations by /book/book/interior_illustrations_by /book/illustrator reverse
First edition /book/book/first_edition /book/book_edition

The first edition of this book, in any state. While there is usually only one first edition, it is possible for books to have multiple first editions; for example, simultaneous release in two or more countries (such as the later "Harry Potter" books); simultaneous paperback and hardcover editions; or simultaneous limited and trade editions.

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This type doesn't have any included types.

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