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This type doesn't have any properties

Edition Of /book/book_edition/book /book/book

The book (or written work) that this is an edition of. The "Book" type represents the most abstract level of thinking about the work -- unlike the Book Edition type, which has properties that will vary from publication to publication, the properties of Book represent those which are always true -- author, date of first publication, series membership, etc. Note also that one Book may have been published under a variety of titles, so the title of the Book that this is an edition of may be different from that of the edition (e.g. U.S. editions of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" have all been titled "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone").

master, unique
Credited to /book/book_edition/credited_to /type/rawstring never_assert

The name of the author as printed in the publication; this is a way to record the name that a given work was published under (which may be different than the author's canonical name in Freebase).

delegated, unique, disambiguating
Contributing authors /book/book_edition/contributing_authors /book/author

Individual contributors of articles, stories, chapters, etc. to a book such as an anthology, textbook, etc. should be listed here, rather than in the "author/editor" property.

Editor of this edition /book/book_edition/editor_of_this_edition /book/author

If this edition contains additional material not in other editions, the editor can be entered here. Note that this property should not be used for the person who edited the book this is an edition of. For example, if this is an edition of an anthology ,the editor of the anthology should not be entered in this property. However, if this is an annotated or critical edition of a book, the editor of this edition should be entered in this property.

Publisher /book/book_edition/publisher /book/publishing_company

The publisher or imprint that published this edition.

master, unique, disambiguating
Publication date /book/book_edition/publication_date /type/datetime never_assert

The date (if known) that this edition was first published. This will be the same as the Date of First Publication of the book if this is the first edition.

unique, disambiguating
Binding/format /book/book_edition/binding /book/book_binding unique, disambiguating
Language /book/book_edition/language /language/human_language

The language or languages that this edition of the work is written in. This may or may not be the same language as the original language of the work.

Place of publication /book/book_edition/place_of_publication /location/location

This will usually be a city, listed on the title page.

ISBN /book/book_edition/isbn /book/isbn deprecated

DEPRECATED. Use /media_common/cataloged_instance/isbn13.

deprecated, master, unique, disambiguating, hidden
Dewey decimal number /book/book_edition/dewey_decimal_number /type/text never_assert
LCC /book/book_edition/lcc /type/rawstring never_assert

The Library of Congress Classification is a subject classification maintained by the U.S. Library of Congress.

OCLC number /book/book_edition/OCLC_number /type/rawstring never_assert

DEPRECATED; use '/media_common/cataloged_instance/oclc_number' instead

deprecated, hidden
LCCN /book/book_edition/LCCN /type/text never_assert

DEPRECATED; use '/media_common/cataloged_instance/lccn' instead

deprecated, hidden
Cover price /book/book_edition/cover_price /measurement_unit/money_value mediator

If the book has cover prices in multiple currencies, all can be entered here.

Number of pages /book/book_edition/number_of_pages /book/pagination mediator unique
Height /book/book_edition/height /type/float never_assert cm unique
Reader (audio book) /book/book_edition/reader /book/audio_book_reader reverse
Cover artist /book/book_edition/cover_artist /book/illustrator

The name(s) of the artist(s) who created the cover art for this book.

Interior illustrations by /book/book_edition/interior_illustrations_by /book/illustrator

If this edition contains illustrations, enter the name(s) of the illustrator(s). If this is an edition of a children's picture book, or other book where it would be impossible for different editions to have different illustrators, please use the Illustrator propety on the Book type instead.

ISFDB ID /book/book_edition/isfdb_id /type/enumeration never_assert, /authority/isfdb/pub_id

The pub_id of this edition at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database (

Book edition series /book/book_edition/book_edition_series /book/book_edition_series

Some book editions are part of a series, such as the Oxford Sherlock Holmes, Harvard Library, Norton Classics, Arden Shakespeare, etc. This type of series generally originates with a publisher, and should only be used for series specific to this edition of the book, not of the book as a whole. For example, a topic for the Norton Critical edition of Shakespeare's "Henry IV, Part 1" would be entered as part of the book edition series "Norton Critical Editions"; the topic for the play itself, however, is would be entered as being a part of the literary series "Henriad."

OpenLibrary ID /book/book_edition/openlibrary_id /type/enumeration never_assert, /authority/openlibrary/edition
ISBN (Old Property) /book/book_edition/ISBN /type/text never_assert

DEPRECATED. Use /media_common/cataloged_instance/isbn13.

deprecated, hidden
Author/editor /book/book_edition/author_editor /book/author

This property is deprecated

deprecated, reverse, hidden
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