What are Properties? Properties

Property ID Expected Type Description

This type doesn't have any properties

Work /book/contents/work /book/published_work

The title of the work published in this publication.

master, unique, disambiguating
Publication /book/contents/publication /book/publication

The title of the publication this work appears in; if it is a periodical issue, use a form of the periodical's title and date.

master, unique, disambiguating
Page Number /book/contents/page_number /type/text never_assert

The page number(s) that the work appears on. E.g. 1 or 23-28 or 17, 29-35.

Credited to /book/contents/credited_to /type/rawstring never_assert

The name of the author as printed in the publication; this is a way to record the name that a given work was published under (which may be different than the author's canonical name in Freebase).

delegated, unique, disambiguating
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This type doesn't have any included types.

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Incoming Properties

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Published Work
Published In