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Describe any person, place, or concept. This is the most common type in Freebase and is used to describe an is a relationship between topics (eg. San Francisco undefined city)

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This domain doesn't have any Types.

Audio book reader /book/audio_book_reader 1 38

An "audio book reader" is someone whose voice has been recorded as an audio book.

Book /book/book 5 1,873,946

A book is a written work or a collection of written works in book form. "Book" represents the abstract notion of a particular book, rather than a particular edition. It is on this level that articles or discussion about a book should generally occur (e.g., the article about Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" is on the book topic, rather than on one or more of the hundreds of editions it has gone through). For more information, please see the Freebase wiki page on book.

Book Binding /book/book_binding 0 46

"Book Binding" refers to the format of an edition of a book.

Book Character /book/book_character 2 17,767

Any character who appears in a book or short story.

Book Edition /book/book_edition 25 1,102,603

A Book Edition represents a specific publication of a book. Print, audio, and electronic versions of books can all be represented as book editions.The title of a book edition should be the title of that particular edition, which may vary from other editions of the same book.  Mary Shelley's novel "Frankenstein," for example, has been published both as "Frankenstein" and "Frankenstein, or A Modern Prometheus."Please see Entering Data for a Book for more information.

Book edition series /book/book_edition_series 4 258

This type is for series of book editions. That is to say, series where the items in the series are particular editions of books -- these will generally all have the same publisher, and may have a uniform binding or other unifying features such as all having the same illustrator or series editor. For series of books (i.e., series where you can say that any edition is part of the series), use the type Literary Series.

Literature Subject /book/book_subject 2 34,217

This type can be used for the subjects of all written works, not just books.

ISBN /book/isbn 2 2,667,826

DEPRECATED. ISBNs are now represented by strings in the property /media_common/cataloged_instance/isbn

Poem /book/poem 3 1,476

This type is for all kinds of poems, from epics to doggerel.

Poem character /book/poem_character 1 265

This type is for characters who appear in poems.

Poetic Meter /book/poetic_meter 1 19

The rhythmic structure of a poem.

Poetic Verse Form /book/poetic_verse_form 1 95

The form or mode of a poem, such as haiku, epic, sonnet, or free verse.

Publisher /book/publishing_company 6 11,669

This type is used for any company or organization that has published a book. It should also be used for imprints, which might sometimes be subsidiaries of a larger company, sometimes be a division of a company or organization, or sometimes just a brand.

Report issuing institution /book/report_issuing_institution 1 49

Any institution (college, department, agency, organization, etc.) that issues or has issued a technical report.

Series editor /book/series_editor 1 46

A series editor is the editor of a series of book editions -- series where the items in the series are particular editions of books.

Short Non-fiction /book/short_non_fiction 1 1,981

This type should be used for any type of written short non-fiction that does not have a separate type. (Other types currently include review and interview.)  "Short" in this context means, essentially, anything less than book length; book-length non-fiction would ordinarily be typed as a book. This somewhat generic type both prevents a proliferation of similar types, and also reflects the fact that the difference between different modes of writing (say, between an article and an essay) can be hightly subjective, and may not always be important. The "mode of writing" property can be used to indicate the type of non-fiction it is (such as essay, introduction, etc.)  See Entering Reviews, Interviews, and Other Works of Short Non-fiction for more information.

Short Non-fiction Variety /book/short_non_fiction_variety 1 7

This is an enumerated list of possible varieties of written short non-fiction works, such as essay, article, introduction, etc., and functions primarily as a list to be used by the "short non-fiction" type. Please be conservative about adding new topics to this type. Topics such as "review" or "interview", which are indeed (usually) short works of non-fiction have their own types. (In general, if a variety of non-fiction needs properties beyond author, subject, and place of publication, it should have its own type.)

Short Story /book/short_story 2 4,449

The "short story" type is for works of prose fiction that are shorter than a novel in length. Since there is no universal agreement on what the minimum length for a novel is, there is necessarily a grey area here.

Technical report /book/technical_report 5 66

A technical report is a document that describes the process, progress, and or results of technical or scientific research or the state of a technical or scientific research problem. It might also includes recommendations and conclusion of the research.

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What are Mediators? Mediators

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Describe the relationship between two or more Types. For example, the film performance Mediator in Film describes the relationship between a movie, an actor, and a character. We use film performance to assert that Heath Ledger played the character of The Joker in the film The Dark Knight.

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This domain doesn't have any Mediators.

Pagination /book/pagination 2 402,239

This is a compound-value type that captures information about the pagination of book editions.

Publisher/imprint tenure /book/publisher_imprint_tenure 4 839

This type is used to connect imprints to their publishers over a period of time.

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