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A bank is a financial intermediary that accepts deposits and channels those...


A corporation is a company or group of people authorized to act as a single...

Public limited company

A public limited company is a type of public company under United Kingdom...


A university is an institution of higher education and research which grants...


A cooperative or co-operative is an autonomous association of people who...


S.A. designates a type of corporation in countries that mostly employ civil law....

Company with limited liability

Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, German for "company with limited...


A partnership is an arrangement where parties, known as partners, agree to...

Public company

A public company, publicly traded company, publicly held company, or public...

Limited liability company

A limited liability company is the U.S.-specific form of a private limited...

Limited company

A limited company is a company in which the liability of members or subscribers...

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What are Properties? Properties

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Organizations /business/company_type/companies_of_this_type /organization/organization reverse
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