Type ID # of Properties # of Instances Description
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Describe any person, place, or concept. This is the most common type in Freebase and is used to describe an is a relationship between topics (eg. San Francisco undefined city)

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This domain doesn't have any Types.

Conference event /conferences/conference 4 594

A particular instance of a recurring conference, like Linuxfest'09  or '5th Annual meeting of the Peru Veterinary Association'. May be used independently if there is only one meeting. A conference is an event whose primary focus is verbal presentation or discussion. Speaker information is handled with /event/public_speaking_event

Conference proceedings /conferences/conference_proceedings 1 7

Conference proceedings are publications of papers in the context of a (typically academic) conference. To record the papers published in a proceedings, enter them in the "contents" property of the Publication type. See Entering the Contents of a Book or Periodical for more information about the Publication type.

Conference series /conferences/conference_series 5 914

A conference is a regular or recurring meeting of people to "confer" about a topic. It may take many forms.

Conference sponsor /conferences/conference_sponsor 1 118

A group, company, or organization that sponsors (or has sponsored) a conference or convention.

Conference subject /conferences/conference_subject 2 120

Academic field etc, what the conference is about.

Conference venue /conferences/conference_venue 1 193

The venue(s) at which a conference or convention was held. This will typically be a convention center, hotel, or the like.

Type of conference /conferences/type_of_conference 1 19

A format of a conference or convention. Opensource fest is an 'unconference'. harrypotter fest is a 'fan convention'

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What are Mediators? Mediators

Type ID # of Properties # of Instances Description
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Describe the relationship between two or more Types. For example, the film performance Mediator in Film describes the relationship between a movie, an actor, and a character. We use film performance to assert that Heath Ledger played the character of The Joker in the film The Dark Knight.

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This domain doesn't have any Mediators.

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