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First-class cricket

First-class cricket is a class of the game of cricket comprising matches of...

Test cricket

Test cricket is the longest form of the sport of cricket. Test matches are...

One Day International

A One Day International is a form of limited overs cricket, played between two...


Twenty20 cricket, often abbreviated to T20, is a form of cricket originally...

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What are Properties? Properties

Property ID Expected Type Description

This type doesn't have any properties

Innings Per Team /cricket/cricket_match_type/innings_per_team /type/int never_assert unique
Overs Per Inning /cricket/cricket_match_type/overs_per_inning /type/int never_assert unique
Maximum Duration /cricket/cricket_match_type/maximum_duration /measurement_unit/time_unit h unique
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What are Included Types? Included Types

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Incoming Properties

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Cricket Match
Match Type