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Property ID Expected Type Description

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Parent Institution /education/educational_institution/parent_institution /education/educational_institution

If this institution is a subsidiary of another institution (such as a college of a university), enter the parent institution here.

Phone number /education/educational_institution/phone_number /common/phone_number mediator

The primary or switchboard number for this institution

School type /education/educational_institution/school_type /education/school_category

School Categories to which this school belongs, such as Private, Public, Primary, Secondary, College, Community College, Boarding School, National University, and so on.

master, disambiguating
Number of faculty /education/educational_institution/faculty /measurement_unit/dated_integer mediator

The number of non-student lecuturers, teachers and researchers at this institution. These are typically staff members with an education/academic focus.

Number of staff /education/educational_institution/number_of_staff /measurement_unit/dated_integer mediator

The number of non-faculty employees at this institution.

Total Enrollment /education/educational_institution/total_enrollment /measurement_unit/dated_integer mediator

The enrollment of the entire student body, by year.

Students/Graduates /education/educational_institution/students_graduates /education/education mediator

The number of students, or members of this body studying for an academic qualification. This includes doctoral candidates.

Colors /education/educational_institution/colors /visual_art/color

The school's colors. Please enter each color separately.

Mascot /education/educational_institution/mascot /education/school_mascot

A school's mascot may be a particular character (e.g. the University of Oklahoma's Sooner Schooner) or a general type of thing (e.g. Tiger, Bear, Spartan, etc.)

Nickname /education/educational_institution/nickname /type/text never_assert

The nickname for the students or sports teams. This is often different from (or a variant of) the mascot name -- e.g. the University of Oklahoma mascot is the Sooner Schooner; the nickname is the Sooners.

Motto /education/educational_institution/motto /type/text never_assert

The motto of the institution

Newspaper /education/educational_institution/newspaper /education/school_newspaper

Newpapers published by the student body.

School magazines /education/educational_institution/school_magazines /education/school_magazine

Magazines published by the student body of this institution. Professionally-published magazines and journals should not be entered in this property.

Radio station /education/educational_institution/radio_station /education/student_radio_station

A radio station run by this institution

Sports teams /education/educational_institution/sports_teams /sports/school_sports_team

Sports teams affiliated with this school. Please enter the full name of the team (e.g. University of Chicago Men's Swimming Team) to distinguish it from other schools' teams. Do not enter the generic name for all of the school's athletics (e.g. Chicago Maroons), since it does not represent a single team.

Subsidiary Or Constituent Schools /education/educational_institution/subsidiary_or_constituent_schools /education/educational_institution

Subsidiary institutions (such as colleges of a university).

Sexes admitted /education/educational_institution/sexes_accepted /education/gender_enrollment mediator

The sexes admitted to this school, and the years these sexes have been admitted. Coeducational institutions should have two values, one for Male and one for Female.

Honorary degrees awarded /education/educational_institution/honorary_degrees_awarded /education/honorary_degree mediator reverse
Campuses /education/educational_institution/campuses /education/educational_institution_campus

Campuses of this institution. A campus represents the grounds on which an educational institution is located. Most institutions will have at least one campus, and many have multiple campuses (sometimes called satellite campuses).

Athletics brand /education/educational_institution/athletics_brand /education/athletics_brand

The collective brand (or brands) used for this school's athletics teams. E.g., the University of Alabama's teams have the collective brand "Alabama Crimson Tide." (Note that many institutions, especially outside of North America, do not have collective brands for their athletics teams.)

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Educational Institution
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School magazine
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Honorary Degree
Educational Institution Campus
Educational institution
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