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  • 1633 is an alternate history novel co-written by Eric Flint and David Weber, and sequel to 1632 in the 1632 series. 1633 is the second major novel in the series and together with the anthology Ring of Fire, the two sequels begin the series hallmarks of being a shared universe with collaborative writing being very common, as well as one—far more unusual— which mixes many canonical anthologies with its works of novel length. This in part is because Flint wrote 1632 as a stand-alone novel, though with enough "story hooks" for an eventual sequel, and because Flint feels "history is messy", and the books reflect that real life is not a smooth polished linear narrative flow from the pen of some historian, but is instead clumps of semi-related or unrelated happenings that somehow sum together where different people act in their own self-interests.

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