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  • The 2000 Mozambique flood was a natural disaster that occurred in February and March 2000. The catastrophic flooding was caused by heavy rainfall that lasted for five weeks and made many homeless. Approximately 800 people were killed. 1,400 km² of arable land was affected and 20,000 herds of cattle were lost. It was the worst flood in Mozambique in 50 years. It started in South Africa when heavy rain falls traveled over to Mozambique it caused dozens of deaths and 44,000 were left homeless and many of them had lost relatives of some kind. Later, Cyclone Eline came and destroyed many more homes and lives. The women and children were hurrying to shelter and high land only 800 had died and thousands of livestock were killed. The government distributed 15 million dollars to its citizens to account for damage property and loss of income. Even now in 2014, people are still living in recovery shelters with fluctuating water supplies.

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