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  • Washed up and plagued by scandal, Troy McClure sees a marriage to Selma as his ticket back to success.
  • "A Fish Called Selma" is the nineteenth episode of The Simpsons' seventh season and originally aired on March 24, 1996. The episode sees Troy McClure attempt to resurrect his acting career by marrying Selma Bouvier. Show runners Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein were fans of Phil Hartman and wished to produce an episode which focused on his character McClure. Freelance writer Jack Barth wrote the episode, and Mark Kirkland directed it. Barth's script underwent a substantial rewrite in the show's writing room, including the expansion of the Planet of the Apes musical and addition of the song "Dr. Zaius". The episode ran too long because of the slow pace of Troy and Selma's speech. Consequently, guest star Jeff Goldblum rerecorded his dialogue as MacArthur Parker at a faster speed. The episode received generally positive reviews, with particular praise given to Hartman and the musical. Entertainment Weekly placed the episode eighth on their list of the top 25 The Simpsons episodes.

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