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  • Acourate is a software for room correction purposes and the design of digitally implemented filters to develope loudspeaker systems with perfect impulse responses and room and speaker problem correction within the crossover.The main features are (rough description):-the measurement of single speaker (driver), nearfield Speaker or room impulse response by measuring a definable sweep- analysis and processing of the result in the frequency and time dimension with many implemented tools (curring of relevant windows, curve smoothing, gain manipulation, etc.)- generation of Crossofer Impulse Responses to be processed online by Realtime Convolving Software- generation of designated target curves that the single speaker or complete speaker/system should follow- generation of inverse impulses to reach the aim of the target filter- excess phase correction to correct problems occuring with speakers in rooms which most other products won't correct, leading to a much wider and still focussed stereo image- generation of filter impulses including all above features to be run in a realtime convolution engine- creation of wav files already containing the correction of a simple stereo system to immediately hear the very positive "effect" of missing errors in reporduction in a normal stereo system

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