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  • When you create a new restaurant, you may notice that the restaurant is also typed as a retail location. We're currently making a distinction between single-location restaurants and restaurant chains, and we make this distinction through co-typing. In the current arrangement, single-location restaurants are co-typed with "Retail location" and restaurant chains are co-typed with "Business Chain". In practical terms, it works out like this: If the restaurant you're creating is a single-location restaurant (e.g. Chez Panisse, Katz's Deli, Moosewood Restaurant): fill in the "open times", "address" and "phone number" properties If the restaurant you're creating is a chain (e.g. McDonald's, Starbucks, your local chain of burger joints): remove the 'Retail Location" type from your restaurant instanceadd the "Business Chain" type to your restaurant instanceuse the "locations" property of "Business Chain" to add the individual store locations. The current convention is to create a display name for the instance that contains restaurant name, address, city, and state.If the restaurant you're creating is part of a chain, and the chain already exists in Freebase: for the display name of the restaurant, input the restaurant name, address, city and state as a single string - this will help distinguish different locations for search purposesclick 'show empty fields' (if not already showing them)add the chain (using 'auto-complete') in the parent company fieldtip: to see if chain locations in your town have been added to Freebase, go to the main page for the restaurant and click "[ more ]" under "locations". Use "Filter Results" to filter the list of locations by city or postal code. What's the deal with "open times"? The "Open Times" type is what is currently being used to represent the hours that a particular restaurant location is open. This is still a work-in-progress, and the final format has yet to be determined, but currently a restaurant's hours of operation are represented by one or more instances of "Open Times". Each instance has a start day, end day, start time and end time. The start and end times are represented as an integer in military time format (e.g. 9:00AM = 0900, 5:00PM = 1700). Examples: Tuesday 9:00 - 12:00 start day: Tuesdayend day: [empty]start time: 0900end time: 1200 Monday - Wednesday 8:00AM - 5:00PM start day: Mondayend day: Wednesdaystart time: 0800end time: 1700 Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 12:00PM, 1:00PM - 6:00PM start day: Mondayend day: Fridaystart time: 0900end time: 1200 start day: Mondayend day: Fridaystart time: 1300end time: 1800 Advanced editing - working with chains If you're feeling particularly ambitious, you might want to take some time to peruse the data and make sure that restaurants have been correctly identified as chains or not. Restaurants with identical names may have been erroneously grouped as a chain, and some local chains may have been missed. Start by looking at the restaurants in your area that you know about, and make changes using the recipes below: 1. Creating a chain from separate restaurant instances: Example: you have found three different restaurants called "Fred's Burger House" in the same town, and you know that these are part of the same chain. For each instance of "Fred's Burger House" Remove the "Restaurant" type from the "Types" listChange the display name to include the name, address, city, and state, e.g. "Fred's Burger House, 124 Main St., Boston, MA" Create a new restaurant called "Fred's Burger House" and co-type it with "Business Chain"Fill out the "location" property with the instances you renamed in step 1 2. Breaking a chain into separate restaurant instances: Example: you have found a chain of restaurants called "Fred's Pizza" and you know that these are actually separate businesses. Go to the page for the "Fred's Pizza" chainFor each of the locations under "location": Click through...

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