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  • Ahmed bin Küchük was a Khan of the Great Horde between 1465 and 1481. In 1465, Ahmed Khan seized power in the Horde by rising against his brother Mahmud bin Küchük, who had been its ruler since 1459. In 1472, Ahmed Khan entered into alliance with the Polish king Casimir IV against Ivan III. In 1476, Ahmed Khan suggested to Ivan III that he should recognize him as his overlord. However, the situation of forces was not in the Horde's favor. In 1480, Ahmed Khan organized another military campaign against Moscow, which would result in the Horde's defeat. Russia finally freed itself from the Tatar-Mongol dependency. On 6 January 1481, Ahmed Khan and his men were killed by Siberian Khan, Ibak Khan of Tyumen and Nogays at the mouth of the Donets River.

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