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  • Andjety is an Ancient Egyptian deity whose name is associated with the city of Andjet, which in the Greek language was called Busiris. This deity is also known by the alternative names Anezti or Anedjti. Andjety is considered one of the earliest Egyptian gods, possibly with roots in Predynastic Egypt. Andjety is thought to have been a precursor of Osiris. Like Osiris he is depicted holding the crook and flail and has a crown similar to Osiris's Atef crown. King Sneferu of the 4th dynasty, builder of the first true pyramid, is shown wearing the crown of Andjety. In the Pyramid texts the king's power is associated with Andjety. In the temple of Seti I the king is shown offering incense to Osiris-Andjety who is accompanied by Isis.