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  • Resets the mwLastWriteTime cookie to the current time. This ensures that any requests from the time you use this service gets you the latest data instead of possibly stale cached data. uses the mwLastWriteTime cookie to optimize query responses; it guarantees that any responses will be at least as new as the mwLastWriteTime cookie. This cookie is normally updated by any write action, so a single application or single browser will generally see the results of its own writes with no additional effort. However, the default mechanism does not ensure that one application will be able to see the results of writes by another application.  The /api/service/touch request provides a way for an application to manually update its read horizon so it can see changes made by another application.   Note that an updated mwLastWriteTime cookie will make responses slower, since will not be able to use cached responses to satisfy queries, so you should generally not use this service unless you have a pressing need for one application to see up-to-date information being written by another application. Sample Response: { "status": "200 OK", "code": "/api/status/ok" }

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