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  • AppleScript is a scripting language created by Apple Inc. and built into Macintosh operating systems since System 7. The term "AppleScript" may refer to the scripting system itself, or to an individual script written in the AppleScript language. AppleScript is primarily a scripting language developed by Apple to do Inter-Application Communication using AppleEvents. AppleScript is related to, but different from, AppleEvents. AppleEvents is designed to exchange data between and control other applications in order to automate repetitive tasks. AppleScript has some limited processing abilities of its own, in addition to sending and receiving AppleEvents to applications. AppleScript can do basic calculation, and can do intricate text processing – and it is extensible, allowing the addition of scripting additions which add new functions to the language itself. Mainly, however, AppleScript relies on the functionality of applications and processes to handle complex tasks. As a structured command language, AppleScript can be compared to, say, one of the UNIX shells; the Microsoft Windows Script Host; or IBM REXX in its functionality, but it is unique from all three.

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