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  • "Argo 16" was the codename of an Italian Air Force C-47 Dakota aircraft, registration MM61832, used by the Italian Secret Service and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in covert operations. Officially, those operations were limited to electronic surveillance over the Adriatic Sea and interference with the Yugoslavian radar network. The aircraft crashed on November 23, 1973, at Marghera, Italy, after an improvised explosive device detonated on board. Venetian Judge Carlo Mastelloni determined that the Argo 16 aircraft was used to shuttle trainees and munitions of North Atlantic Treaty Organization members between military bases around Italy: the aircraft had been involved in covert operations, such as the repatriation of terrorists and transport of secret service agents. The explosion and the subsequent crash killed the four operatives on board. There are many conspiracy theories surrounding this crash. Some believe that the aircraft was used by the CIA in the Cold War conflict.

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