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  • Auguste Louis Albéric, Prince of Arenberg was a French noble and monarchist politician, born in Paris. Third son of Pierre d'Alcantara Charles Marie, duc d'Arenberg and Alix de Talleyrand-Périgord, he inherited his father's title because of his older brothers' premature deaths. He was noted for his great wealth and extensive properties throughout France, in particular at Menetou-Salon. Arenberg served in the Chamber of Deputies from 1877 to 1881. He was elected as the official candidate of the MacMahon government, winning the poll due to the abstention of republican voters disenchanted with his predecessor. In the Chamber, he voted consistently with the monarchist Right and conservatives. He voted against the legalization of divorce. Returned to parliament as a monarchist candidate again in 1889, Arenberg continued his opposition to republican government. After Rerum novarum and Pope Leo XIII's recognition of the Third Republic, however, Arenberg changed his rhetoric, campaigning in 1893 as a "liberal republican".

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