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  • Aunia Marie Kahn-Moon is an American artist, author, singer, lyricist, web designer, graphic designer and photographer. She was born in Detroit, Michigan, and currently lives in Shiloh, Illinois. Kahn originally began creating art as a therapeutic response to a difficult upbringing, rather than through a wish to build a career. At the urging of a friend, her work was first exhibited publicly in December 2005 as part of the Voices Within Surviving Through the Arts show mounted by the St. Louis Artists' Guild. Since then her work has been exhibited publicly in over 300 showings. She also undertakes commissions and other collaborative projects. Entirely self-taught, her work blends elements of photography, digital painting and collage. Most of her work includes aspects of self-portraiture and incorporates likenesses of herself. Her art frequently features juxtaposition of symbols. Representations of surgical instruments, human anatomy and mortality are common features, set against political symbols such as the Stars and Stripes and images from nature.

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