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  • Accusations is the second book in the series of original science fiction novels based on the Emmy Award-winning series Babylon 5 created by J. Michael Straczynski. This book is authored by Lois Tilton. The novel is set somewhere in the season 2 timeline of the Babylon 5 TV series, between "Points of Departure" and "Divided Loyalties". The story revolves around an overzealous independent investigation of a murder on Babylon 5. After receiving a call for help from an old acquaintance, Commander Ivanova responds to a distress signal from a cargo ship being attacked by raiders. On her return, Ivanova is informed, by Garbaldi, that her acquaintance - J. D. Ortega - is dead. Unable to decipher a message Ortega left her, Ivanova begins to look for patterns in the raider attacks. With little effort, she finds one - the raiders are attacking ships with morbidium - a substance used in the manufacture of weapons. Shortly after this revelation, a group of independent investigators arrives from Earth and implicate Ivanova in the murder of Ortega. Ivanova is removed from command and confined to her quarters while Garibaldi is ordered to not pursue this Ortega's murder.

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