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  • A bachelor's degree, Latin baccalaureus or baccalarium, is usually an academic degree earned for an undergraduate course of study or major that in theory, depending on the location and the topic of study, is supposed to last three to five years, but can range more widely in duration, depending on ability and diligence of the student, whether or not the student balances work and other life commitments while attending school, the student's existing level of education, the availability of classes, and school policies. In some cases, it may also be the name of a second graduate degree, such as a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Education,Bachelor of Civil Law, the Bachelor of Music, the Bachelor of Philosophy, or the Bachelor of Sacred Theology, degree which are normally offered after a first graduate/bachelor's degree. Also it is part of the "postgraduate" one-year Bachelor Honours or Baccalaureatus Cum Honore degree, which is following a Bachelor's degree; program involves completion of master's level courses and the submission of a high research thesis, and degree allows entry to a doctorate or very high research master's program. Wikipedia

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