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  • A. N. Prahlada Rao has written a book named "Bangarada manushya" which is the chronicle of Dr. Rajakumar, who is a popular Kannada film actor. The Book Bangarada Manushya released in 2005.Kannada film industry has a glorious history of over 70 years. When its first-ever film SATI SULOCHANA was released in 1934, no one ever predicted that a legendary star would rise on the horizon of the Kannada silver screen after 20 years of its inception.A phenomenon called RAJKUMAR entered the threshold of Kannada filmdom, in 1954 with a memorable role in the film BEDARA KANNAPA, and rode it like a Colossus for over half a century. A new era in Kannada film had begun by his entry.Though the history of Kannada films is resplendent with Universal appeal, there was no concerted effort to chronicle its progress in a systematic way. In this backdrop, the book BANGARADA MANUSHYA authored by Sri. A.N. Prahlada Rao stands out as an authentic reference volume on the history ofKannada Film Industry in general and on the movie life ofinevitably Dr. Rajkumar in particular, the life and works of Dr. Rajkumar are linked with the growth and progress of Kannada Film Industry itself. This book has emerged as a classic on Kannada cinema and about Dr.Rajkumar. Dr. Rajkumar was a living legend and icon of Kannada pride. He was known for his simplicity and bountiful human values. He reigned the kannada screen for five decades from 1950 to 2000. BANGARADA MANUSHYA is a well researched work on the life and films of Dr. Rajkumar. This is an assiduous and enduring work of art. This has adopted distinct and striking methodology in unraveling the life and films of a megastar which are entwined with masses.Until 1954 the year in which Dr. Rajkumar entered the films, there were only Forty one Kannada films produced, even though the industry was two-decade old by then. His maiden film BEDARA KANNAPPA was the first Kannada film, which won the National award. This work is divided into Sxteen chapters easy for reading. The book chronicles the thespian’s progress in filmdom and elaborates on many issues including the role of Dr.Rajkumar in many pro-people and linguistic movements that determined the scope of Kannada language of the State.A chapter about the abduction of Dr.Rajkumar by the notorious forest brigand Veerappan sheds new light on the whole episode.This book can also be a reference volume on Kannada film industry, as it has lot of details on the growth and development of the industry, containing the names of all Directors, Music Directors and Heroines who have acted with Dr.Rajkumar, and some old photographs of archival value.The first 9 chapters chronicle the story of the thespian under the canvass of the Kannada film industry’s earlier history.English Vertion of the bookThe late thespian Rajkumar, who made Kannadigas proud with his brilliant acting skills and his golden voice, the book dedicated to him, in English. “Dr. Rajkumar: The Inimitable Actor With A Golden Voice” was released by the actor’s wife Parvathamma Rajkumar in May 2008. She handed over the first copy to Professor K.S.Nissar Ahemed the famous poet and Padmshree Awardee. The book, originally written in Kannada by A.N. Prahalada Rao, and titled “Bangarada Manushya”(The Golden Man), was first released in 2005 in the presence of Dr. Rajkumar himself. It ran into three editions and sold over 15,000 copies. The book has been translated into English by literary critic C.N. Ramachandran and journalist Alladi Jayashri. Published by Sapna Book House, Bangalore. The book closely examines Dr. Rajkumar’s films, dividing them into those that dealt with mythology, on novels and the social dramas. It also explores his role of a singing star, and includes photographs from his films and other achievements. Speaking on the occasion,To mark the completion of 75 years of Kannada film industry, the book has been released in New Jersey, America on May 10,2008 sponsored by Brindavana, the Kannada Association of New...

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