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  • The Battle of Marj al-Rahit was a minor conflict fought between the Ghassanid Arab allies of Byzantine Empire and Rashidun army under the command of Khalid bin Walid in July, 634 CE. After the Battle of Hawwareen, Khalid the very next morning moved to wards Damascus with his 9000 army, 20 miles from Damascus there lies a pass, over the top of this pass which is about 2000 feet above the surrounding land. The ridge is part of the range known as Jabal-ush-Sharq, which is an off-shoot of the Anti-Lebanon Range and runs in a north-easterly direction to Tadmur. The pass itself, not a formidable one, is quite long. Khalid stopped at the highest part of it, and here he planted his standard. As a result of this action the pass became known as Saniyyat-ul-Uqab, i.e. the Pass of the Eagle, after the name of Khalid's standard. From the Pass of the Eagle, Khalid moved to Marj Rahit, a large Ghassanid town near the present Azra on the road to Damascus. The Muslims arrived in time to participate in a joyous festival of the Ghassanids whose participation took the form of a violent raid.

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