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  • The Repatriation of Cossacks after the Second World War refers to the forced repatriation to the USSR of the Cossacks and ethnic Russians and Ukrainians who were allies of Nazi Germany during the Second World War. The repatriations were agreed to in the Yalta Conference; Stalin claimed the repatriated people were Soviet citizens, although some of them had left Russia before or soon after the end of the Russian Civil War, or had been born abroad. Those Cossacks and Russians were described as fascists who had fought the Allies in service to the Axis powers, yet the repatriations included non-combatant civilians as well. In the history of the Cossack repatriations to the USSR, the British repatriation at Lienz, Austria, is the most recognized and studied.

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Convicted Person Charges against Crime commited Date arrested Criminal trial Sentence Type Appeal(s) Jail time (years) Fine $ Community service (hours) Execution
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