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  • Robert Margouleff is a Grammy Award–winning American record producer, recording engineer, electronic music pioneer, audio expert, and film producer. Most noted for his work with electronic music synthesizer programming for Stevie Wonder for award-winning albums including Music of My Mind, Talking Book, Innervisions, Fulfillingness' First Finale and Jungle Fever, all projects which featured Margouleff as associate producers, engineers and synthesizer programmers. By helping Stevie Wonder develop many new textures and sounds never heard before, Margouleff and Cecil played a major role in bringing synthesizers to the forefront of popular music. As an influential electronic music duo - Tonto's Expanding Head Band - they recorded the album Zero Time attracting attention from many other leading artists of that era to the newly emerging music technology. Robert Margouleff was an early customer, friend and collaborator of fellow New Yorker and music instrument pioneer Robert Moog contributing early insight toward Moog's musical instrument development for artists to routinely program and use synthesizers as part of their evolving sound ecology.

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