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  • Bradley Fish is an American born musician based in Israel. He relocated to Israel in 2004, first living in Tel Aviv, and finally settling in Jerusalem. He holds a B.A. degree in guitar from Northern Illinois University, where he studied with jazz guitarist Fareed Haque. Fish's musical loops performed on the Appalachian dulcimer, banjo, German concert zither, and guzheng are the most widespread in the world. The loops are created by recording the actual playing of the instrument and then slicing riffs with music editing software, and used by modern composers as an enhancement or as a basis for their own music. Fish's loops have been released with Sony Pictures Digital, Peace Love Productions, and Apple iLife. Fish combined many of these exotic and folk instruments with electronics in modern musical contexts recording The Aquarium Conspiracy CD with Sugarcubes/Björk drummer Sigtryggur Baldursson and multi-instrumentalist Biff Blumfumgagnge in 1996. Fish is now performing and creating [video footage] of his jam band style one-man live looping.

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