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  • The Canon EF 28–90 mm is a lens included as a kit lens with Canon EOS film cameras. The maximum aperture is f/4 at 28mm, reducing to f/5.6 at 90mm. When focused at 90mm this will create background blur for portrait photography. It is a very lightweight design, and has very fast auto focusing even without USM. Image quality suffers particularly between 28–35mm and 80–90mm however, and there is heavy vignetting when used wide open. For digital EOS cameras with APS-C sensors, the EF-S 18–55mm lens covers the same range. This is due to crop factor. EF-S lenses only work with Canon 1.6x crop cameras, which results in an angle of view roughly equivalent to that of a 29–90mm lens on a 35mm camera. Like the 28–90mm, the 18–55mm is also a kit lens.

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