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  • Carlos Alberto Valderrama Palacio, also known as El Pibe is a former Colombian football player. His distinctive blonde hair, coupled with his flamboyant technique on the ball, made him one of Colombia's most recognizable footballers, and arguably, one of the most recognizable footballers around the globe historically. Valderrama was well known during his time in Major League Soccer. Perhaps one of the most noticeable foreign players to ever grace MLS, he played a huge role in the uprising of the league itself during the 1990s; most noticeably by becoming a pioneer that inspired a wave of Colombian footballers to ply their trade in the league causing a huge influence of increasing both the popularity and strength of the league itself. To this day, he is an icon as one of the most decorated playmakers to ever play in the MLS. Valderrama was a member of the Colombia national football team in the 1990s. Between 1985 and 1998 he represented Colombia in 111 full internationals and scored 11 times, making him the most capped player in the country's history.

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