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  • "No shrinking violet, Carmo, the freewheeling lead of this energetic film, packs a wallop of sass. Feeling suffocated by her small town, she hits the road on her mile-long legs, traipsing through untamed Brazilian border country. Barely dodging the minefield of sleazy thugs at her heels, she is rescued by an unlikely knight in shining armor, who comes out of nowhere. Unfortunately, the uncouth Marco, bound only by his wheelchair, is reluctant to include her in his own getaway plans. Carmo is determined to prove they can be partners in crime, and they set out together in Marco's dilapidated truck, over treacherous terrain, to find the desperadoes who have hijacked Marco's loot. It's hard to tell what's more sizzling in this saucy adventure—the clashing chemistry between the two deliciously feisty leads or the dusty, but dazzling, South American landscape. With a comical and scandalous motley crew of characters, and an array of livewire cinematic gestures, Murilo Pasta's high-octane filmmaking refuels the classic road-trip genre. The thrill of taking a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants ride through jagged paradise is accelerated by the explosive pairing of two strangers who have found their match and together will continue to fight destiny tooth and nail." Quoting the description on the 2009 Sundance Film Festival site

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