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  • "This release by Tom De Simone is reminiscent of an era gone by. Keith Anthony stars as a man just out of the closet and moved in with his new lover, John Farrell. John demands an open relationship and they fight in a restaurant, thus beginning a series of trysts the duo explore on their road to commitment. Keith's first trick is with the waiter, Jayson MacBride. The two suck each other's fore-skinned cocks and share ass-work. Next, Keith decides to explore public sex and goes to a porno theater. Here, he experiences his first three-way, with Scott Heith and redheaded Tim Christy, exploring oral sex, mutual masturbation and cum-eating. Meanwhile, on the screen, a black-and-white segment with dirty narration plays: two beefcakes (model Paul Strand and masseur Bob Perry) in jockstraps foreplay, finger-fuck and hump ass after body worshipping one another with oil. Later, Anthony answers an ad placed by a kinky man, who plays with double-headed dildos. Here, Anthony gets his pants cut open with shears and his dick sucked through a glory hole. The dirty talking man sits his ass down on a dildo and fucks his own hole before Keith joins him and they share the double-headed one. The film ends with the lover's making up and making love on an exercise pad." From the press notes, courtesy of Bijou.

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