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  • The Chamber of Deputies is the lower house of the Dominican Republic's bicameral National Congress. The upper house is the Senate. It currently comprises 190 deputies who are elected for four-year terms. Congressional elections was held in even numbered years not divisible by four till 2010. This year the Dominican authorities decided to unify presidential and parliamentary elections for reduce logistic cost, the next elections will take place in May 2016 and every four years after these. Deputies are elected by open list proportional representation. Provinces are divided in Circuncriptions, with one deputy per 50,000 inhabitants or fraction in excess of 25,000, and a guaranteed minimum of two per province. There are no term limits. The Dominican Constitution of 2010 create the Nacional Deputies, elected for accumulations of votes, and the Overseas Deputies for represent the Dominicans abroad in National Congress, This last was elected in 2012 elections after Law 136-11 of June 2011 created the districts and rules for their election.

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