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  • Chase Stein, is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Runaways. He was created by author Brian K. Vaughan & artist Adrian Alphona, and debuted in Runaways vol. 1 #1 with most of the other main characters. Like every member of the original Runaways, he is the son of evil villains with special abilities; in Chase's case, mad scientists. Chase is often regarded as the "wild card" in the series, due to his often changing role in the group, from being the getaway guy and technical guru to the "loose cannon" after he departed the group for a short while. However, despite his rule-breaking persona, Chase is fiercely loyal to his friends and remains a valued member of the team. Chase is the eldest of the Runaways at age 18. Chase shares a psychic and empathic link with deinonychus Old Lace, granting him the ability to command the dinosaur to do his bidding and also possesses the Fistigons, the world's most powerful gauntlets.

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