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  • Cornelius "Cory" Matthews is neurotic and a slacker during high school. Cory's "slacker" tendencies diminish, and his neuroses increase, along with his pessimism and paranoia. Despite his trademark neuroses and paranoia, Cory's actually the most idealistic of his friends. Cory married Topanga Lawrence, his "first true love", late in the series. His actual name is Cornelius, as revealed in the last episode. Cory strives to make sure that he and his friends will always be together throughout life, and his nature is to intervene when others find it unnecessary. He is madly in love with Topanga, but still finds other girls attractive and is put in troubled situations when he is with other women. Cory stands for what he believes in, no matter who he is defending it from, whether it is his mother, Mr. Feeny, or Topanga. As described later in the series, his faith towards love is that it "never dies.".

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