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  • Damon Dark is a science fiction series from Australia about a heroic "alien hunter" or "UFO hunter" named Damon James Dark, a fictional character created by Australian writer, actor and film maker Adrian Sherlock. Damon became a dedicated UFO and alien investigator after a close encounter in his teenage years. He is associated with both the secret service and friendly aliens, including a character called Vincent Kosmos and Trans-Dimensional Control. The character of Damon Dark has appeared in a 5 week TV series on Community TV 31 in Melbourne Australia, a self-published novel on Amazon's createspace platform and a long running web series on YouTube. He has also been involved in related web series "Young Damon Dark" and "Vincent Kosmos." He has also been the focus of a one actor stage drama. The character of Damon Dark has been played by Adrian Sherlock, Bruce Hughes, Aiden Sherlock and Jack Knoll. Damon Dark is a loner, dresses in black, has a huge experience of aliens and their technology. Damon is characterized by his high intelligence, idealistic moral outlook and wry sense of humor. His best friend in the series is the long-suffering Gary Sutton, played by actor Robert Trott.

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