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  • Dan Jordan is a protagonist in The Dream Master and The Dream Child. After realizing Freddy Krueger is real, he and his friend, Alice Johnson try and save their remaining friend, Debbie Stevens after Alice's brother and Dan's friend, Rick Johnson is murdered by Freddy in his nightmare. But their efforts fail, after Freddy puts them through a time loop to delay time so he is able to kill Debbie. Dan is in a car accident, and is told he will be drugged in order to perform the surgery. Afraid he will be killed by Freddy, Alice rushes home to fall asleep to save Dan and battle Krueger. Alice and Dan reunite in the dreamworld and Dan is injured when he and Alice are searching for Freddy and the doctors are waking him up, bringing him out of the dream realm, abandoning Alice. Alice succeeds in defeating Krueger by herself, and the films ends with Dan and Alice at a fountain as Alice makes a private wish. Alice is now Dan's girlfriend, and he becomes concerned after learning she has been having recurring dreams of Freddy. Later, after she has a very intense dream and shows up at her job four hours late, she calls Dan who is currently at a pool with friends, Mark Gray, Yvonne and Greta Gibson. Dan hurries to meet Alice and rushes to the parking lot to find his truck is locked, desperate, he jumps onto a motorcycle that is there, and rides off, when in real life, he is able to enter his truck and drive off, but falls asleep along the way. Meanwhile in the dreamworld, the motorcycle begins to goes awry as Freddy takes over the bike, killing Dan. Death Dan is killed when his motorcycle turns into FreddyAs Dan is rushing to see Alice, he discovers his truck is locked, so he uses a nearby motorcycle, which later transforms into Freddy and traps Dan so he can't leave and precedes to embed him with wires and electrocute him, causing him to go bald. As he rides off, him sleeping in the truck is shown again, and Freddy appears and taunts him and eventually kills him, crashing the truck, which happens to be almost in front of the diner. Alice runs out to find Dan, burning in his truck. She faints in the street and when she awakens, she is in a hospital. There she is told she is pregnant, meaning Dan is the father.