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  • Desiccated thyroid or thyroid extract, refers to porcine or bovine thyroid glands, dried and powdered for therapeutic use. Animal extract thyroid preparations were developed in the late 19th century, and are still in use today for the treatment of hypothyroidism. This product is sometimes referred to as "natural thyroid", "natural thyroid hormones", "pork thyroid", thyroid USP, thyroid BP, or by the name of a commercial brand, such as "Armour Thyroid" or "Nature-Throid" & "Westhroid". Desiccated thyroid has been described in the United States Pharmacopoeia for nearly a century as the cleaned, dried, and powdered thyroid gland previously deprived of connective tissue and fat... obtained from domesticated animals that are used for food by man. In the last few decades, pork alone is the usual source. Before modern assays, the potency was specified only by iodine content, rather than hormonal content or activity. Brands include Forest Lab's Armour, and Naturethroid & Westhroid by RLC Labs. Canada's desiccated thyroid is made by ERFA Canada 2012 and is called Thyroid. Also available is NP thyroid by Acella Pharmaceuticals.

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