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  • Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health is a book by L. Ron Hubbard which sets out self-improvement techniques he developed, called Dianetics. The book is also the canonical text of Scientology. It is colloquially referred to as Book One. The book launched the movement, which later defined itself as a religion, in 1950. As of 2013, New Era Publications, the international publishing company of Hubbard's works, sells this book in English and in fifty other languages. In the best-selling self-help book, first published in 1950, Hubbard wrote that he had isolated the "dynamic principle of existence," which he states as "Survive," and presents his description of the human mind. He identifies the source of "human aberration" as the "reactive mind," a normally hidden but always conscious area of the mind, and certain cellular recordings stored in it. Dianetics describes counseling techniques which Hubbard claimed would get rid of engrams and bring major therapeutic benefits. The book was criticized by scientists and medical professionals, who charge that it presents these claims in superficially scientific language but without evidence.

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