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  • Dick Teresi is an American writer. He is a co-author of The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question? He is also a former editor of Omni. With his wife Judith Hooper, Teresi coauthored The Three Pound Universe and Would the Buddha Wear a Walkman? A Catalogue of Revolutionary Tools for Higher Consciousness. Teresi coauthored Laser: Light of a Million Uses with Jeff Hecht. In July 1997 he wrote an article for The Atlantic entitled "Zero", about the missing year zero between 1 AD and 1 BC, how it came to be, and the effect it has on western culture. In 1994, he wrote with his wife an article for the New York Times book section entitled "High-Concept Classics: A Quiz", about the ironic situation of the modern author having to sum up an entire book in 12 to 14 words, or a sentence and half, to help sell the book.

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