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  • Didwana is a town in Nagaur district of Rajasthan in India. It lies in the Thar Desert. The town is thought to be more than 5,000 years old and is closely associated with conversion of Rajput clan into a businessmen clan with the name of Maheshwari. The name 'Didwana' is considered as stumbled name of 'Deen Deewana'. The land is known for the 'Deen Deewana'. Later it converted in to 'Deedwana' and 'Didwana'. India Post Department still quote the name and stamp as 'Deedwana'. Nowadays Didwana is a well-known town of Nagaur/Rajasthan. Many people of Didwana and nearby places are well settled elsewhere in India and hold important positions/ are famous industrialists. The famous Maheshwari business family Bangur hails from Didwana. Further it is also famous for two famous old Maths based on the Ramanuja Sampradaya, namely, the Jahlaria Math headed by Sri Sri 1008 Swami Ghanshyamacharyaji Maharaj and The Nagoria Math headed by Sri Sri 1008 Swami Vishnu prapannacharyaji Maharaj. The city is historically known for Fort Mosque built by The Great Emperor Akbar in the memory of Sufi Saint. The city is very famous for its Hindu traditional culture and philosophy and the Maths are must-visit for all Hindu devotees once in lifetime. The Baas and basinies, as the surrounding areas of town, The mathura Das Ji ka jaav, the oldest well built by the maharaja of Jodhpur, in Gaadha baas, now in Didwana, where there is a secret room inside the well, a very good example of Ancient Rajasthani architecture. Wikipedia

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