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  • Disk First Aid is a free software utility made by Apple Inc. that is bundled with all computers running Mac OS either as a standalone application or as part of the Disk Utility. This tool verifies and repairs a limited number of directory structure problems on any HFS or HFS Plus hard disk or volume. Disk First Aid is a very simple tool, with it only being able to detect and repair directory damage and many books are critical of its sometimes inaccurate reporting of errors, and often suggest to run the tool more than once to ensure you are receiving a consistent result. Disk First Aid is located in Applications:Utilities:Disk First Aid prior to OS X and at /Applications/Utilities/Disk in OS X. In Mac OS 9 and below, the system provides an option to run Disk First Aid on startup, although it has been reported that it provides little gain and sometimes can amplify a problem.

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